About Us

Pearl Medical Clinic Desoto Texas is one of the pioneers of direct patient care also known as direct pay model. We pride ourselves on providing easily accessible and affordable patient care. It has been the passion of the founder to strip away the complexities of the typical doctor-patient relationship and transform it into a mutually beneficial and lasting relationship.

Our promise and commitment are to make sure most of our fees are outlined upfront with no hidden lab fees or costs. We have also decided to eliminate third-party payers who overburden the physician-patient relationship thus being able to provide individualized services as deemed fit for each patient.

Pearl Medical Clinic strives to bring to you a direct pay subscription type of practice also known as “Concierge” that will give you unlimited access to your physician whether through office visits, emails or texting; all year long as well as a rapid turnaround for getting in to see your doctor when you need to be seen.

Some people have observed that an average patient in today’s traditional medical practices spends only about 7 minutes with the doctor. At PMC, our goal is for you to spend the entire 45-60 minutes of your visit with your physician. You will not feel rushed when you are with us and we will give you a chance to get all your questions answered.

Our goal at PMC is for you at the end of your visit, to feel like a person and not just a number on an assembly line of patients. Call us today to find out how we can help optimize your health care at “Pearl Medical Clinic”.

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