Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a short time to read through our FAQs. Some of the questions you have may have been addressed there already. If your questions remain unanswered, reach out to us via any of our contact details below

What if I do not have health insurance?

We have several self-pay plans and packages for people who do not have insurance. Please reach out to our office staff by phone or email for an updated self-pay price list

What is involved in your weight loss program?

Our program focuses on 4 areas to achieve lasting weight control and to improve overall health. These are: diet, exercise, behavior modification and the use of appetite suppressants. We work hard to help our patients find a good work-life balance so that the results and benefits of the program can be long-lasting.

Are there any additional costs for the weight loss program?

If you have some medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, osteoarthritis, GERD etc. your Dr’s fee for the visit may be covered by your health insurance. We utilize additional services and products e.g.BCA (body composition analysis), laser treatments, Vitamin B12 and other compounded medication injections and these are usually not covered by insurance. Our friendly front desk staff can give you the necessary information when you call to make your appointment. We also make available for purchase high quality vitamins, supplements, and meal replacement products that help you to maximize your efforts and results in our program.

Do you recommend a particular brand of protein shakes or meal replacement?

Meal replacements are not the same. We carry a reliable and trusted brand of protein shakes and protein bars in more than 50 flavors from suppliers of bariatric specialists across the country. Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend other protein shakes because of their unpredictability.

How much weight can I expect to lose per week or month?

Everybody has a different BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) determined by your height, weight and genetic makeup. This is the first factor that plays a role in how fast or slow your weight loss will be. Other factors include your diet, your exercise or activity level etc. Our weight loss program is individualized to fit your overall preference and lifestyle.

Do you prescribe Adipex (Phentermine), Saxenda or Wegovy for weight loss?

We help our patients achieve weight loss using the above-mentioned modalities which include anorectic (appetite suppressant) medications. The choice of medication for each patient is determined by multiple factors such as physical examination findings, laboratory results and EKG. In addition, your insurance plan will determine if the prescribed medication is covered by your insurance. You are not guaranteed a prescription for Adipex (Phentermine) or any medication. We decide for what is best for you after our assessment.

How often do I have Dr visits for the weight loss program?

You may be required to see the provider every 2 weeks for a month, then monthly thereafter. This helps to identify medication side effects early as well as assist patients who are struggling in the initial part of the program. Subsequent visits are monthly until you achieve your goal. Monthly visits create accountability which has be found to be a very important independent factor for long term success for most bariatric patients.

What about bariatric surgery?

Our program is designed to complement bariatric surgery and other weight loss programs. Many of our patients have undergone surgical procedures for weigh loss but they regained the weight after forgetting the four core principles of medical weight loss. We have a great track record of being able to successfully get several of such patients back on track with our program and they are often able to achieve additional weight loss than they had with surgery alone.


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